At Gryphon our customers
are our partners.

Every detail of your home has been conceived with creativity and crafted for longevity. At Gryphon Development, we demonstrate our steadfast dedication to excellence through a proactive approach. We engage with homeowners from the start, building a trustworthy relationship throughout the Gryphon homeowner experience.

Gryphon has
customer care to
an art form.

The beauty and ease of life in a Gryphon home is designed for more than today, it is designed for the enjoyment of both current and future generation

two years

On labour and materials
(some limits apply)

five years

On the building envelope, including water penetration

ten years

On the structure

Gryphon VIP Logo

At Gryphon, a curated home has the personal touches that ensure a perfect balance between home and homeowner. From pre-construction upgrades to a private chef for celebratory dinner, Gryphon VIP is there to ensure that life is always lived with style.